How do I upload my own SSL certificate?

Provided by Let's Encrypt, Cloudbric issues free SSL certificates for all websites. This will guarantee encrypted communications between users (client) and Cloudbric (server). So, if you want HTTPS (https://) in front of your domain address while your website is being protected by Cloudbric, then you need to have an SSL certificate at our (Cloudbric) server as well. But, if you are a new customer who has one, then please read the following thoroughly. 

If you prefer maintaining your own SSL, then please submit a ticket here and attach both the certificate and key. 

For example, if you are about to add a website but you have an EV SSL certificate that provides higher levels of trust and authentication to the website, please contact Cloudbric will help you to maintain your own SSL ceritificate by uploading yours at Cloudbric server. 

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