If you applied for SSL when you weren't using SSL before...

When you register your site, Cloudbric checks if you use SSL on your site. Cloudbric does this by checking whether or not your port 443 is open. If you were using SSL before, and your site was working fine, you will have no problem implementing Cloudbric's SSL.

However, in some cases, the hosting provider's server has their port 443 open even if you don't use SSL. So Cloudbric asks you if you wish to use Cloudbric's SSL, and some customers click "yes". If you were not using SSL, but wish to use SSL while using Cloudbric, you will either experience your site breaking up, or have a completely different site appear.

In order to prevent this from happening, please make sure that your site is SSL ready. Below are two things you have to do depending on your situation

   1. When a completely different site appears.

This happens because there are no contents on port 443 (HTTPS), and therefore a default server page is shown. If this happens, please use "Basic SSL" mode in order to apply termination, which means that Cloudbric will direct traffic to your port 80 (HTTP).

   2. When your site breaks up (mixed content)

This happens because all your links are now broken. Since you now use https connections, you must make sure all your link are loaded over https. 

For example, if there is a line such as img src="http://yourdomain.com/images/logo_white.png", please change it to img src ="/images/logo_white.png".

If there is a line such as img src="http://anotherdomain.com/images/asdf.jpg", please change it to img src="//anotherdomain.com/images/asdf.jpg".

Basically, a double slash "//" will use the protocol of the current page, either HTTP or HTTPS. 

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