I get the message "Loading... Please wait." and it never stops. How do I get through this stage?


Q. After entering my domain, I am stuck at the 'Choose Defensive Position' step. I get the message "Loading... Please wait." and it never stops. How do I get through this stage?

A. Basically, what Cloudbric does in this step is find the closest IDC to your web server. Cloudbric will route all your visitor traffic through the Cloudbric server, so to optimize the latency, we locate the nearest among our strategically placed IDCs. It may take up to two minutes depending on Internet issues, but it usually is much quicker.


If you still see the loading message though, the reason could be one of the following:
1. If your website is not open to the public, and open to only specific IPs, you will see this message indefinitely. In this case, the Cloudbric server cannot locate your web server. Cloudbric will keep trying to find it, thus showing the loading message.
2. If your website is blocking traffic from certain countries, this task will be unable to complete. During this stage, we find the nearest IDC by commanding each IDC to send a request to your web server and recording how much time it took. If, for example, your website is set to block IPs from Asian countries, Cloudbric's Japan and Singapore IDCs cannot receive any response from your original webservers. These two IDCs will then keep waiting and you won't be able to move to the next step. 
For the above two cases, you will have to modify the settings temporarily to add Cloudbric. 
If neither of these cases are the cause, please contact support@cloudbric.com.
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