When and how does Cloudbric accept payments?

When does Cloudbric accept payments?

Cloudbric sends out invoice on the 1st day of the month and accepts payment on the 3rd day of the month. But if the payment wasn't processed successfully, then we will send out another e-mail and ask you to check card balance and/or card expiration date.

How does Cloudbric accept payments?

Cloudbric only uses PayPal to accept payments. When traffic of your websites reach 4GB, we will send an alert e-mail with a payment request form. We will ask you to fill out PayPal Automatic Billing Form. 

If you do not fill out the form within the deadline, we will change your websites to bypass mode. Bypass mode means that there will be no security detection. After 3 days of bypass mode, your websites will be deleted from Cloudbric. 

Suppose you added a website on Monday and the traffic reached 100% on Friday (in 5 days). Then, we will send you an an alert e-mail with a payment request form on that day. Also, we will ask you to fill out the form by next Wednesday since we usually give 3 business days. But if you miss the deadline, then your website will be deleted. 


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